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Good 👏🏽 Grief...

Why is it that EVERY time I think about going back to my YouTube channel or starting a new one, I get totally flustered and bummed? 🤔  Like I really want to do it again, but my soul says no you don’t. 😩

I love watching YouTube as a medium, but I can’t help but thinking it’s a depressing place for the creator. 🤐 I’ve been a creator.  I know what it’s like to want subs.  For people to like your videos….ah yes the light bulb moment 💡 -  it’s validation. UGH!  And the INTJ in me doesn’t like to seek validation. 🤔

Begging people to like, comment, share and subscribe.  That’s what I feel like it is BEGGING.  And I don’t like begging. 🤲🏽

’m also kicking myself in the ass because I’ve been on YouTube since 2006 and I could have had a booming channel if I stuck with it, I was a YTP.  I had the opportunities and I flushed it. 😂

My bad, my INTJism wouldn’t allow for me to feel that yucky.  Plus, my INTJism keeps me a private person, so I’m not about to spill my guts and emotions to the general public just because.  Really not one of those people.  There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just not me. 💯



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Keep ya head up! 🥰

Be Free….



Ups & downs - Back to Up

Today is a better day.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down. My daughter’s car needed new tires. Of which I knew I had to do. Got the tires. Four new tires. I feel better knowing that her car has new tires. She won’t be stranded on a flat because one of the old tires had a slow leak.

In all, I’m tired of always having to put out money for all these THINGS I own.

Way tired of all the STUFF. Stuff always being pushed to me. Get this because you need it or gotta have that because it will make you this. OH BOY!!!! TRASH! It’s not true.

Then I lost my favorite pair of glasses today. I have these yellow tinted glasses I use for the computer, or bright lights. The glasses were only $18 on Amazon. So I ordered another pair, then I just got a call that there were found! YAY! Had to cancel the order.

Today is better day. I’m making my way through one moment at a time.

Be Free….


Thanks Kate Cavanaugh @CavanaughWrites

I found this writer on YouTube by the name of Kate Cavanaugh. She’s a young writer who wants to be an author. A writer who makes a living. A paid writer. I’m a paid writer, but I don’t make a living off it yet. YET!

I like her videos because she’s genuine. I discovered her during April’s NaNoWriMo Camp. I think I would like being in her cabin for July’s camp.

It was because of watching her videos, I decided to be more purposeful with my writing. At the time, I came across her videos I was working on The Crofton Triangle. But it was her that made me see I could work on multiple projects at the same time. Not that I didn’t know I couldn’t do this, I just chose not to. I felt like I should dedicate my time to getting one thing done at a time. No wonder it takes me such a long time to get a WIP out that status and into completed.

Now that I’m working on multiple writing projects at a time, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’ve set daily word goals for each project and now I don’t feel overwhelmed about getting it all done. If I write more than the daily, then I feel like I’m a step closer. If I only write the daily goal, I feel I’ve still worked on my project instead of thinking about working on my project, than feeling guilty that I thought about working on my project, but didn’t. LOL

I started writing short stories as a kid, but my interest became greater when I learned screenwriting. I love writing screenplays, but I didn’t think I would get anywhere with it, so I switched to writing books/novels. Of which I’ve been successful as a small independent writer. But it was Kate C, who made me want to write screenplays again. I saw her video on attempting to write a screenplay based on one of her book writing projects. And I was like HEY, I CAN DO THAT! Two of my books are base off their screenplay counterparts! I’ve had this idea swirling in my head for years, but it being a book just didn’t seem to fit it. I’m going to write it as a screenplay. Back to my old stomping grounds, one could say.

So THANKS Kate C! I appreciate you and your videos!

Here’s her website: https://katecavanaugh.co/ & Twitter: https://twitter.com/CavanaughWrites

Be Free….


Social Media Toxicity

With all the drama that happened within the beauty community, I have to question if I want to go back to my YouTube channel or start the new I was thinking about.  🤔

Social media is toxic.  There are so many interactions.  Social media has allowed for one person to expand their interactions ten fold.  Whereas before, when I was growing up in a PRE SOCIAL MEDIA (🦕)  world, my interactions only went as far as the activity.  Meaning…I met people in school, church, from my family, or work.  That’s how far my extensions went.  Now, social media allows people to have a reach far beyond.  And this is hard for a person like me - an INTJ. 🥺

Hurt people, hurt people. 😒 And there are a lot of HURT people on the internet.  They speak willy-nilly at people with no regard there is another human being on the other side of that computer screen. 👀 Typing thugs.  Computer crazies.  People who just type and send before they think.  And I will admit some of the comments are funny af, others are sad and disgusting. 

Everyone has an opinion, the thing is, is before we weren’t getting everyone’s opinion.  Now we get the benefit of everyone chiming in on everything. 🤦🏽‍♀️  Perhaps why I’m selective in what I watch and listen to.

🗣 Has our society become more toxic because of social media?  Chime in. 🛎 What are your thoughts? 

Are you like me where years ago I began to shun social media and limited my social media accounts?  I saw how dark having so much social interaction could be.  Or are you okay with where you’re at in the social media realm?

🍿  Sound off!

Be Free….