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Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

I didn’t get a chance to write my June 21st weekly update. I was out of town on a college campus visit. That went well.

WIP - I FINISHED JINXED!!!! And I’ve gotten the editing copy printed for me begin edits next month. I was thinking of choosing another WIP to work on for the remainder of the 90 days, but I’ve decided to stick with Jinx. I’m already doing Camp NaNoWriMo for one of my other projects. I’ve kinda put The Crofton Triangle on hold until I figure out the structure changes.

Less sugar - I’ve been keeping up with the less sugar. So far since June 9th, I’ve lost 7.1 pounds. I thought it would be much harder than expected. I do notice how much added sugar is in a lot of things we eat. Especially in fast food choices.

IGTV - I haven’t posted on my channels in the last week, but I’ve gotten feedback how people have been liking the vlogs. On a side note, I’ve also been keeping a regular schedule of posting my podcast. I’ve gotten some promising numbers about the growth of it.

Be Free….


#Weight Watchers Month Two

To be honest, I'm all off track, but I'm still losing! yay me.  I'm down 13 pounds all together - that's another three pounds.  I will admit, it is hard for me to keep up with the points these days.  I've just been really busy.  But I have been watching what I eat.  I've been doing my Pilates...here and there.  I haven't lost sight of my goal, I'm just busy with other stuff.   I was totally gunho about my exercising, I still am, just not to the level I was.  My other projects have been time consuming and they are just as important to me, but I know health is always key, but I'm focused on getting those other things completed. 

The summertime is such the WRONG time to go on a weight loss management project!  All the cook outs...oh what fun.  And to really try to deny myself is such a joke!  So I don't.  I just eat in moderation.  Instead of having ribs, chicken, hot dog, hamburger and a load of sides.  I'll pick out one meat and two sides. It makes sense, even if it does hurt not to pile my plate! hahahaha (I'm just telling like it is...yall know yall pile the plate too!)

The most important aspect for me losing weight is ensuring I get eight hours of sleep.  I think that rest really helps my body to shed of the day's waste and rejuvenate itself. 

My 4th of July was amazing.  I love my husband so much! (that was just a side note lol)


Be Free....

Not ready for P90x, but you can't go wrong with doing some #TaeBo

I'm a little anxious about my weight loss for this week.  I feel so stuffed right now, but I guess that's how I should be, I ate a lot of veggies. But I didn't exercise on Monday and I feel all off track. I was planning to go to the gym tonight, but I got sidetracked because I was angry about somethings that were going on in my house.  I should have used that anger to fuel my workout.  Instead, I sat around stewing in my heat. Lesson learned. 

So I decided I was going to take my one mile walk, but now I've gotten caught up in watching the First 48, some show my husband left on the tv, and it's pass my walking time....730. It's starting to get dark and so that's shot.  My next move...Tae Bo.  

I'm not ready for P90x! lol I'm working my way up. 


Be Free....

7.2 lbs gone - First week on Weight Watchers

WHAT?! Are you kidding me?  In my first week on Weight Watchers I've shed 7.2 pounds.  Where it went, I don't care, I just don't ever want to find it again! I watched that weight leave! lol :-) 

My first day was my toughest, but as the days progressed, I've felt better and better and more empowered.  So now a week out, I'm feeling okay about eating within my point range. I measure, I read food labels, I've changed my mind about how things taste,  I can feel satisfied without feeling stuffed and I'm really proud of myself.  I made my lunches and took them to work. I ate more veggies...I really did myself a service by following the plan to the letter....okay, I did have ONE piece of store bought cake, but I factored in those points and didn't overeat a dinner.

A large part of my success was working out.  I racked up about 50 activity points.  And I didn't swap out any weekly or activity points.  This Saturday, I will swap out some points because I plan to eat a Philly Cheesesteak, but not a whole one. 

So in all, I'm really happy with my first week's success.  Just gotta keep at it!


Be Free....