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It's All About To Go To HELL!

Really Chelle?  What in the world are you talking about?  It's all about to go to hell! 

I know it's kinda crazy, right?  To actually think the economy could collapse again.  But is it REALLY that far fetch? Think about it.

Housing is a mess...AGAIN.  People aren't buying houses like they use to.  They can't afford the down payment.  How can anyone afford three to 10 percent for a down payment when wages are stagnate? People don't have enough income to save.  And not only to save for a down payment but to save for emergencies.  Think about that.  Tax returns are people's saving grace these days.

People are also turning in there cars or have stopped paying their car notes because the interest rates are too high. 

Student loan debt and default is through the roof.  Who can continually afford to pay over $1000 a month in their student loans and hardly ever see the principal reduced?

Anyone can see something isn't right with the retail industry.  Stores are downsizing or closing everyday.

I know for a fact my dollars aren't as long as they use to be.  I went into the store and purchased THREE items...just three and they came up to $25 and some change! WHOA!

Start taking notice of the world around you.  Observe and learn.  Prepare.  Have a plan n place.  Some cash on hand.  Food, water and meds.  And if you find it hard just to prepare for this just in case it happens then you'll know what mean about the economy being near depression levels.  

Do your research!

Be Free...and be safe!



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