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Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

UGH!!!!! LOL

I’m not going to give myself a hard time over this. I realize it’s difficult to keep up with my ongoing extra summer goals when I have a host of other things I have to do.

WIP - Today I’m going back to editing.

Less sugar - Yesterday was the first day I was back on my less sugar goal. Did well.

IGTV - Yeah, no. lol This goal is like one of those things I feel conflicted on. I want to put together more videos, but I don’t want to compromise my need for privacy and how I feel about my inner conflicts about documenting my life for/on social media.

I slowly getting back to my normal life since being out of town.

Be Free….


Twisted First Draft Is Done!

I did it!  Yes!!!!  I've finished the first draft of Twisted!!!!  Whoo Hoo!  Four days before my target date of September 2, 2017. 

Twisted clocked in at 52,235 words for the first draft.  

The next steps are revision and editing.  I won't start revising until October.  I need to look at it with fresh eyes.  I will have it to the editor by December.  My goal is have it out by March 2018.

It's always a good feeling when I finish the first draft, especially ahead of schedule.  

Be Free....


Yesterday - First day on Weight Watchers

I went to the meeting.  It was inspiration.  I enjoyed it.  

Last night, however, I wanted to eat so bad.  Now usually by 930 at night, I'm cool.  I'm not hungry.  But now that I have to count points and stay within that point value, my mind is playing tricks on me!  You would have thought I hadn't eaten anything for the day and I was a starving child from Africa!  

This is a good lesson in patience.....

Changing your lifestyle is really about willpower and keeping control over your thoughts.  Thoughts can be very powerful, so I really have to learn to control them when I think about my body, what I'm eating, WHY I'm eating it and what it all means.  I made it through and eventually I went to sleep, but this morning I'm feeling that really hungry.  And usually I'm not a breakfast eater....(apart of my downfall - I don't eat breakfast to give me energy and fuel for the day...but that's another story for another day!)

So, today is day two.  And I'm back at it.  I've got some fresh fruit and nuts for breakfast.  And well lunch, I can't think that far ahead right now.  Once I get in the swing of things, I'll learn how to plan ahead. 

It's Friday! Yay!!!!


Be Free...

Relationship SWOT | What R Men LOOKING 4?

I am so not understanding why myself and some of my friends are single.  We are some damn good women. Accomplished, Talented, Good Looking, Spiritually Inclined, Financially Stable, Educated and Successful....YET..........we are single. WHY is that? 

Is it a unspoken inferior/superior complex that we have with men? Or is it vice versa?

Is that men see us as good women, but they aren't mentally together to deal with a woman of such caliber? 

These answers escape me. I'm just baffled by this ongoing and largely growing group of women who have it together, but aren't in committed relationships. 


Why can't it be as simple as...hey I like you...you like me...let's see what we can make of this? 


All this other stuff is emotionally crippling....mental gymnastics - all for what? 

I can only speak for myself when I say that I never go around saying I don't want or need a man.  It's not that. I do want and need a man in my life because I am a heterosexual woman and I am built to want to love and please my male companion. It is my human nature. So just because I am independent doesn't mean I can't be dependent upon a man. It's just that in this moment and space in my life, I have NO CHOICE but to be independent because I have my children depending on me for survival.  However, if the right man came a long he'd be incorporated into our world, just like we would be incorporated into his...and together we'd be a force...he'd know that our relationship is built not only on love, trust, mutual respect and admiration...but on a basic business term...that is SWOT.

SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Now, one may ask themselves how can this be applied to a relationship....

Each person has a strength.  Each person has a weakness.

My/his strength is supposed to overcome my/his weakness.

Together we make opportunities to better ourselves as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. 

Together we take our strengths to ward off any potential threats that may come our way. 

Strengths compensate for weaknesses, turning threats into opportunities....for the betterment of our family unit. Wow!!!

What's so hard about that fellas?

What I see is that if a man were to snag myself or one of my lovely sister-friends, that battle of dealing with life is 50% won.  We bring so much to the table that the struggle is partly over. Now that's from a survival of life perspective...

I know the mental and emotional piece is something different. Men and women are clued into relationships differently...this I totally understand. But I feel like if we just meet each other half way. Women allow the men to have space to feel what he's going to feel and in due time he will reveal. Patience.  Men allow the women to the ability to share their emotions freely without feeling that because she has shared this with you - you are now feeling some pressure...doesn't make it always so. Perception. 

Patience and Perception...my two number one goals - patience mastered...perception ongoing. 


Be Free....


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Goal: Patience Mastered, Perception eh not so hot...

I'm really coming into my own with my patience.  It has now been mastered and I feel a calmness that has come over my soul. I no longer feel like I have to rush everything or that everything must be rushed in order for it to be achieved.  It's a good feeling. I think being snowed in with the children has taught me how to just wait it out; that in due time everything will work itself out. That makes me feel good. 

Here is something I wrote as my Facebook status:

I feel it growing beneath my feet...Roots of Patience...Time is no longer my construct...I am pure untamed energy. Flowing freely. Fluid...as water adapts, so do I.

The Roots of Patience have grounded me. Here is another thought I had about importance and mirror effect of water in our lives:

H2O has the ability to transform into all three states of matter ...solid, liquid, gas - adapting - given the situation. Most of the human body is made up of water...so with that we should be able to adapt to any situation. lol Home life, Work life, Community Life...family relationships, romantic relationships, friendships....see the threes - solid, liquid, gas/home, work, community/family, spouse, friends....three states of matter or three things that matter!!! lol

Now that patience has been resolved and I'm no longer trippin' on the instant...I now have to work on perception. Things aren't always what they seem nor is my constant thinking of them is what the reality is. Wikipedia has some interesting insight to perception.  Read up on it.  

What I am receiving, thinking, and trying to understand may not always be the reality given the limited facts I have gathered through sight.  This is where assumptions are based, founded and grown.

I really have to learn now to let things go and not try to infer or spin what my perception is.  This habitual function will only keep me rooted in pain, hurt, misery and distrust of everyone around me.  Learning to accept it and not worry about it is hard.  Especially when it comes to relationships....when you want someone to love you and care about you and your perception of the situation is skewed because of what you think you see or what you think you know....and what may not be the case is detrimental to my over spiritual path. 

Perception....the new goal to accomplish. 

Transforming my thoughts for my new life.... 


Be Free


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