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Yeah I’m done 🥺

I see sawed back and forth about going back to my YouTube channel or starting a new one.  🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve said this in lots of blogs posts about how long I’ve been on YouTube, but I’ve also said how much I’ve come to not like what YouTube has become. 😔  Reminds me of Facebook.  As a YouTube viewer, it’s good shit.  I can find a lot of videos on a wide variety of topics for learning or opinions.  But as a content creator, bring out the sharp knifes and get ready to be cutthroat.  👀🔪

I’ve now made my decision about what I’m going to do. 👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽


I’m ditching my YouTube Channel or building a new YouTube channel for starting a new IGTV channel.  🤯😳

IGTV will be a year old on June 18th and despite I’ve been reluctant to dip my video chops into the IGTV waters, I’ve been keeping an eye on the medium.  Now I can say I got in on the platform before it was a year old. 😂 Semantics, I know.  But still true! 🙃

The previous interface of IGTV wasn’t pleasant because I struggled with how I’d bring traffic to my channel.  I felt like it was too much work, like YouTube.  Trying to get people subscribe.  A positive of IGTV is my audience is build in because it’s already being streamed to my followers.  My IGTV videos are posted in my feed.  Plus I have the use of hashtags to help allow people to find my content even more.  #winning 🤩

I also like the fact that IGTV isn’t monetized…as of yet.  So everyone who is posting videos on their channels are truly there for the content and not to make money from the site.  They can be making money from sponsorship deals but that’s not in direct competition with the IGTV platform.  The platform is there for the content creators.  🌎🌍🌏

In addition, I like using vertical video.  It’s simple and easy to use.  I can record on my camera just like I would if I was looking it and I don’t have be concerned how close my face is to the camera in horizontal aspect.

I don’t feel like I’m in competition with anyone on IGTV.  I have my videos that I post my channel, that show up in my feed for my followers and that’s it.  If people find my content through my feed, then they follow, then they have access to my videos.  EASY.  No fuss. 

I feel like I’m back in balance.  I love doing videos.  I loved doing my videos for my YouTube channel, but I felt I wasn’t in balance because I didn’t have the subscribers to grow and finding those are difficult.  I know.  I watch people all the time on YouTube and don’t sub to their channel.  It’s like a competition to get subs.  And YouTube bases so many of its features on how many subs a channel has.  You get this when you get this many subs.  And I don’t think that’s fair when you have people who’ve been on the site and using it before Google came along to purchase it.  I can go on and on about this, but you guys get it.

So now you can find my videos on IGTV.  I have two channels.  👇🏽

@michellescarey - this was really my author channel, but I’ve seem to allow it focus more on bowling and highlighting my daughter’s bowling.  I do also highlight my other daughter’s musical talents.  Sometimes, I will highlight my books.  I will also showcase my life from time to time.

@michellecareywrites - this is now my author and writing channel.  I don’t feature anything about bowling or anything about my children’s endeavors.  This is strictly about me being an author, writing and my life.

Look me up and follow. 👈🏽  I’m looking forward to building content and sharing information! ✌🏽

Be Free….


Tackling the weight.....AGAIN.....

Ok, so I've been dealing with a weight issue for the majority of my life. I have gained weight.  I have lost weight. I have maintained weight...at the bigger number.  I have never discussed my weight out in the open to anyone for any reason.  

But in MMXI I am seeing myself in a new light.  There is nothing more for me to fear when it comes to my weight.  There are people bigger than me.  There are people smaller than me.  Weight is something everyone struggles with at one point in time or another.  It's just something we live with.  It's something I live with.  It's something I have to deal with. 

My weight is something I want to work on from the inside out and instead of the outside in.  In previous attempts I only thought about how I'd look smaller and not about health.  That's because I don't have any health issues.  I don't have high blood pressure, I don't have high cholesterol, I don't have diabetes, I am just overweight...without the high problems that people get when they are overweight.  I am lucky. 

So, I'm going back to the gym.  I rejoined LA Fitness up the street from me...with my husband.  I am committed to working out and eating right, but I'm not going give myself a hard time for eating something.  This is going to be slow.  lol I've set an objective of 1 pound per week.  The important thing is for me to see and feel this a lifestyle.  I can not make any excuses for not working out.  If I don't work out, I just don't.  No excuses.  I know that if I don't I will not make goal.  It's just that simple. 

My truth is, I am overweight.  It's my reality I live with, but the greatest reality of all is that realities can change.  Making a decision.  Choices...we all have the option to make one.  Make a choice and be happy......


Be Free...


Been a minute...

Well, it's been a few months since I last wrote in my blog.  You'd think I would have been very busy.  Let's just say I've been preoccupied.  Some really serious stuff was going down and I had to focus on it.  It was heavy.  Emotionally draining and I was really happy when I got pass that rough patch.  Now, I'm in a better place.  Not totally 100%, but moving in the right direction. 

So far, I've been married for six months and I love it.  It's nice to come home to my husband. And vice versa.  It's nice I have someone to talk to about everything that's going through my mind and have no judgements about what I'm feeling and thinking.  Love him to pieces. 

Work is work.  I wish they would take more of a private industry approach with allowing us to be creative thinkers.  It's so stressful working the way we do.  No wonder the moral is low. 

The girls are good.  The (step) son is good.  They are the usual kids...getting on the parents nerves, getting on each other's nerves...but we all like to have fun and laugh. I have a wonderful family. 

Bowling is interesting.  I was hot for a minute, but I have seem to have cooled off.  I need to get myself back together!  My team is in first place and they need me to step up!!!!  We can win this! 

Writing is writing.  This is my first step getting back into the groove. Sometimes I think I'm a fake writer.  I like to write, but no will or motivation to write.  The stories come to me, but I'm lazy about getting them down. Maybe, I'm more of an idea type of person.  Who knows?

I have things I need to do today and I feel lazy just thinking about them. UGH! I'm struggling with this energy thing.  Gonna get it together.  I have no other choice. First thing is first, I need to go downstairs and fix the house phone. lol Baby steps lead to large gains....


Be Free...

XXMI | 1.1.11

Happy New Year!

My first blog post of the new year!!! Whoo Hoo!!!  I hope that everyone had a safe one. 

I have a lot things in store for MMXI.  Starting with my blog.  I did an okay job of keeping it updated in 2010.  I think I could have done better. There was months I missed not updating because I was so enticed with living life off the net that I just couldn't do both.  But this year, I'm committed to really working on my blog, readership and growing it.  

I think my blog needs more of focus than just me rambling on anything that comes to mind. I need to focus more on writing and offering advice to others maybe.  Not sure.  Then there is always relationships.  But does the net really need another relationship blog?  Probably not. lol  Be nice people, respect them, say what you mean and mean what you say.  So there is the relationship advice for 2011. I guess I could work on my mother blog more, but do I really feel like giving out parental advice. So yeah, I even though, I think my blog needs more focus, I have no idea what to focus on.  lol So, I'll guess I'll back to what it was - me talking and writing about anything that comes to my mind. :-)

Here's some good script material:



The MAN, (40) sits in his Ikea chair.  He plays his PS3.  He takes a pillow and props it up under his head.


Babe, can you give me the blanket?

A WOMAN, (40) sits on the bed, typing away on a laptop.  She throws the blanket at him.

He laughs. 


Aren't you glad I'm not like at a regular man? 


What do you mean?

The woman looks at the television. She shakes her head as she looks the score. 


I didn't ask you to make me anything to eat.


That's because your stomach hurts.

The man quits the game and restarts it again.  


Cheatin' ass game.

The woman laughs. 


I think I need to practice writing better scenes.  Maybe, I'll use my blog for this. lol :-)  Who knows?

MMXI - Carpe Diem


Be Free...