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I wonder...

I’ve been listening to this book titled - Same Souls, Many Bodies by Brian L. Weiss.

The basis of the book is about how we have one soul that reincarnates into many bodies over and over again on this earthly plane. The premise is that our souls will continue to come back to this earthly plane to learn lessons about love and compassion. So in each lifetime, we have the same lesson as we did in the previous lifetime. And that we travel in soul packs, so in one lifetime, my mother could have been my daughter, my husband, or even my father. Our souls can be many things at different times. But the important thing is to recognize the life lesson we are too learn.

I think my life lesson is to not stress about money and materialism. I have a lot of things. And I’m so tired of being a consumer. Like do I really need all of these things. I’ve been taking stock in things that don’t cost anything and it doesn’t mean I will have a tangle item. Being happy that I’m in this moment, writing this blog post. That means a lot.

My grandfather passed away six years ago today. I wonder what his soul is doing. Did he learn the lesson(s) he needed to progress to the next evolution of his soul… I hope he did….that would be so nice. If not, I wonder how our paths will cross again….and if they do, let’s hope he’s on the path to compassion and love.

Be compassionate. Be understanding. Be kind…