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James Patterson CoAuthor Competition

For the month of the February I took some time off from writing Twisted and my other projects to focus solely on the Second Annual James Patterson CoAuthor Competition.  

I submitted my entry last Thursday. The competition ends today.  The genre writers must write in are mystery/thriller. My hook and chapter I entered is based on a CIA Agent that witnesses the first female POTUS being kidnapped in daylight and now she must determine by whom and why.  

I learned a lot from the MasterClass. MasterClass hosts Mr. Patterson's tutorial videos and workbook exercises plus the competition.  The one thing I am most proud of is taking a leap of faith. Writing outside of my usual genre and feeling I have the utmost potential to live out my dreams. 

Semifinalists are announced the beginning of April.  

Be Free.... 


Blair X

I have about 25k words to go on writing the sequel to Church Chick. I'm already at 56,000 words!  Church Chick was only 52,000 words, if I'm not mistaken, but there are different dynamics in this book. More secrets and more plot twists. Nevertheless, when I'm done, happy won't even be the word I'll use for my joy.   Lol, I'm looking forward to my readers reading Blair X. I'm hoping they will enjoy as much as I do. 

Each small step leads to large leaps. Keep moving forward!  

Be free... 


Conflict is what makes life interesting...

for storytelling.  In order for a story to work, the characters have to have some type of ever evolving conflict; that must be dealt with.  The conflict can be internal or external.  

Isn't life like this? 

Our lives are interesting because we are always dealing with some kind of conflict. Choices we have to make, paths we've gone down, other paths we are making and proceeding forward. Then we choose another path and go in the opposite direction.

We feel the internal conflicts about the decisions we make and the external conflicts of experiences that have happened to us.  It really does keep it interesting. 

Our lives are stories. Stories that are woven together.  Every minute is a sequence, sequences add up to scenes or hours of our daily life.....our lives are the stories.....

What life story are you creating today?


Be Free....