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Having Growth Mindset

Are you in a FIXED mindset? Sometimes I am. Sometimes, I think I’m not good enough or that I don’t have the skills. That others may do better than myself. I don’t know why I think like that sometimes when I know I’m capable.

It’s better to have a GROWTH mindset. Where I’m always improving and developing my skills. Allowing myself to perform better than I did before. Giving myself a chance to learn and growth. I can get better. I can do better. I am continually developing my skills.

I read this IDEA report by the NeuroLeadership Institute. It was about the Growth Mindset Culture in businesses. We are on the edge, the beginning of new age in the workforce. Like a new industrial age, but in a technological sense. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are going to take over so many jobs. What will people do. We won’t need as many jobs if robots and AI can do the job. What will any of us to do? What will be the need for me to continue to write books, if AI can be programmed to write stories? But we can’t be in a fixed mindset knowing these changes are happening around us.

I think it is all interesting because in these changing times, we can’t be down on ourselves about what can and cannot do. We have to have a growth mindset. We can’t be stuck. We can’t remain fixed. Old habits are hard to break. Learn to be patient with yourself.

I say all this because this is how I feel about my writing. I know with each book I’m getting better and better at my craft. I’m branching out into different genres of writing. It’s scary because on some days I think to myself, can I really write this? But I keep forging ahead, despite the fact what I think others might think. I’m moving from a constant fixed mindset to a growth mindset and I’m loving the journey.

Be Free….


Life Isn't Easy

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how writing isn’t easy.  Today, I’m writing about how life isn’t easy. 😩 

There are things we want to happen in our lives.  It is innate for us as people to want to succeed.  It’s also for us as people to not feel good when others achieve the success we want for ourselves.  Not to the point of jealousy or being envious, but thinking how we can never get ahead.  We ask ourselves, “Why can’t I get ahead?” 😔 It’s almost like we’re feeling jinxed.  The crazy part is someone out there thinking the same thing about us. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I totally understand.  I get it.  I feel it.  I feel it for myself.  I feel it for my daughters.  I feel it for my mom.  I feel it when someone I love feels they aren’t succeeding despite the fact they are successful.  It ways heavily.

At the moment, I’m feeling some kind of way for my daughter.  She’s 16 almost 17 and she’s learning life’s lessons.  How things don’t always go your way despite the fact you’ve put everything into your favor to make it happen. UGH!  I feel her pain.  Just when you think everything is lost is the time you have to push through the most.  Hard to explain that to a teenager with her entire life ahead of her.  🥺

Even with myself.  I’m so ready to make a change in my life when it comes to my job.  I’m burnt out.  I want to do something different.  I want to meet different people and go on adventures.  I live for after hours and the weekends.  Life shouldn’t be like that.  Living for the moments away from the job.  This is why I tell my kids  chase the dreams, do the dream, don’t get stuck at a job because you’re looking for money.  Money is a thing of now and if you step on the path of servitude (unlikable job and bills)  that’s where you’ll be for a long while until you can figure out how to get off. 🤯

I’m feeling a little melancholy.  Hopefully this feeling will pass quickly. 

Today my word is JOY!  Smile. 🥰

Be Free….


Writing Isn't Easy

Thinking of ideas is fluid. I always have ideas. I write some down and others I release back into the universe for others to grab. Realizing those aren’t my stories to write.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing myself to be a serious writer. LOL One would think I was already serious since I have four works already written and published. What I mean by serious is not taking years upon years to get each of my works published. Serious by writing EVERYDAY and making progress on works I have started years prior. Because right now these stories are waiting to be written and inside of me they are screaming to come out.

As an INTJ, I’m into process. Perfecting the process. I just think I haven’t been able to commit to the process I’ve constructed because I’m mentally drained. Physically tired on most days and knowing writing is a mentally and emotionally draining process, I can’t seem to make it happen any quicker than I do. I’m hoping through this new process I’ve set up and I can stick to it and be more productive.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube from writers. I’m not in this struggle alone. Their videos are reassuring to me. I feel like we’re all in this together; wanting to bring a variety of stories to the masses.

I’ve finally come back to my blog. This is a part of my being more productive in writing process. I use to think in order for me to write something on my blog, it had to be poignant. As if it had to be something of significance. But what I realized is that doesn’t matter. I just need write whatever is on my mind and stop thinking about what I think people what to hear from me. People will let me know in the comments section if they want to know about a particular topic, of which I rarely get comments anyway…so I’m good!

Be Free….


What's the point?

DAMN.  lol What's the point of having a podcast, a blog, or anything I've set up if I'm not going to keep at it? 

I need to do better.  Sometimes our lives get overcome by events and that's where I am.  I have so many things in the works, I feel like I don't have time to get to the things I have in the works! hahahaha.....

Going to look at my time management and do better.  Because I am better. 

Be Free...