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Thanks Kate Cavanaugh @CavanaughWrites

I found this writer on YouTube by the name of Kate Cavanaugh. She’s a young writer who wants to be an author. A writer who makes a living. A paid writer. I’m a paid writer, but I don’t make a living off it yet. YET!

I like her videos because she’s genuine. I discovered her during April’s NaNoWriMo Camp. I think I would like being in her cabin for July’s camp.

It was because of watching her videos, I decided to be more purposeful with my writing. At the time, I came across her videos I was working on The Crofton Triangle. But it was her that made me see I could work on multiple projects at the same time. Not that I didn’t know I couldn’t do this, I just chose not to. I felt like I should dedicate my time to getting one thing done at a time. No wonder it takes me such a long time to get a WIP out that status and into completed.

Now that I’m working on multiple writing projects at a time, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’ve set daily word goals for each project and now I don’t feel overwhelmed about getting it all done. If I write more than the daily, then I feel like I’m a step closer. If I only write the daily goal, I feel I’ve still worked on my project instead of thinking about working on my project, than feeling guilty that I thought about working on my project, but didn’t. LOL

I started writing short stories as a kid, but my interest became greater when I learned screenwriting. I love writing screenplays, but I didn’t think I would get anywhere with it, so I switched to writing books/novels. Of which I’ve been successful as a small independent writer. But it was Kate C, who made me want to write screenplays again. I saw her video on attempting to write a screenplay based on one of her book writing projects. And I was like HEY, I CAN DO THAT! Two of my books are base off their screenplay counterparts! I’ve had this idea swirling in my head for years, but it being a book just didn’t seem to fit it. I’m going to write it as a screenplay. Back to my old stomping grounds, one could say.

So THANKS Kate C! I appreciate you and your videos!

Here’s her website: https://katecavanaugh.co/ & Twitter: https://twitter.com/CavanaughWrites

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Twisted Release Date: October 31st or November 1st

YESSSS!!!!! The time is almost here where Twisted will be release either tomorrow or Wednesday on Amazon! It is done! 

I hope everyone likes how it wrapped up all the unanswered questions from Chuck Chick and Blair X.  Trust me when I say things really are TWISTED! Things are not as they seem!

The ebook will be exclusively on Amazon for the Kindle Unlimited for those who have subscripted to the Kindle Unlimited service. 

Thank you for your patience.  I know a lot of people waited a long time for this final installment. 

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Let It Burn

Yikes! I've really let this book sit for too long. Yet never fear I've been working on it. It's being edited now and I hope to have it out by the end of the month.  

Another three years! Lol Seems that's how long it takes me to make it happen....  😂


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Church Chick #7 of the Top 10 | Author Tales

Okay, so I'm really happy right now - Church Chick has moved up into the Top 10 Drama Scripts on Amazon Studios!  NUMBER 7!!!!! As of December 28/29, 2010.  I've been getting some pretty good reviews on my second draft.  This has prompted me to do some much needed revisions on Crofton Triangle - AGAIN. 

The life of a writer is not in the writing, but in the rewriting. 

I'm still working on my newest project.  It's a straight drama.  It's a really sad story.  The title of it is Redemption.  The story idea was born out of the redeeming qualities I find in Mike Vick.  For all the trials and tribulations he has endured - abet - at his own doing, it's important that we all seek/have redemption, of some sort.  To many people out there judging and casting stones in glass houses, not realizing their own glass is streaked and dirty.  Our lives aren't and shouldn't be forever defined by snapshots in time, but what we've done over a period of time.  

I'm also reconsidering ONCE again writing a NOVEL! UGH! Why do I torture myself? Why o why? lol :-) Writing a full blown novel is painful to me. But I'm going to attempt it for 2011.  I'm not going to give myself a hard time about this.  I wrote a treatment a few years back.  I could turn it into a novel or a screenplay or both. I do need an idea for 2011 - and 2011 just so happens to be quickly approaching! lol Doing this other project that I've already outlined and written out the basic story for would be the quickest thing to do.  But I do like fresh ideas.  Haven't come up with one just yet. Working on it.  I think I have an idea....just that quick....a flash of of title came to me - HOLLOW. Wow. 

Today I will work on my annual year in review blog. I was thinking of making it into a podcast.  Not sure yet.  Loving my creative juices these days! 


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