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Social Media Toxicity

With all the drama that happened within the beauty community, I have to question if I want to go back to my YouTube channel or start the new I was thinking about.  🤔

Social media is toxic.  There are so many interactions.  Social media has allowed for one person to expand their interactions ten fold.  Whereas before, when I was growing up in a PRE SOCIAL MEDIA (🦕)  world, my interactions only went as far as the activity.  Meaning…I met people in school, church, from my family, or work.  That’s how far my extensions went.  Now, social media allows people to have a reach far beyond.  And this is hard for a person like me - an INTJ. 🥺

Hurt people, hurt people. 😒 And there are a lot of HURT people on the internet.  They speak willy-nilly at people with no regard there is another human being on the other side of that computer screen. 👀 Typing thugs.  Computer crazies.  People who just type and send before they think.  And I will admit some of the comments are funny af, others are sad and disgusting. 

Everyone has an opinion, the thing is, is before we weren’t getting everyone’s opinion.  Now we get the benefit of everyone chiming in on everything. 🤦🏽‍♀️  Perhaps why I’m selective in what I watch and listen to.

🗣 Has our society become more toxic because of social media?  Chime in. 🛎 What are your thoughts? 

Are you like me where years ago I began to shun social media and limited my social media accounts?  I saw how dark having so much social interaction could be.  Or are you okay with where you’re at in the social media realm?

🍿  Sound off!

Be Free….



🗣 Restoration of the YouTube Beauty Community

Let’s here it for the adults in the room.  👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Despite the fact we all want the tea, I think it was brave and a necessary move on the part of Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook to say hey were the adults in the room, let’s stop this drama and the craziness.  Kudos to them. 🤔

It doesn’t mean that James Charles was right. 🥺 Nor does it mean he checked them.  It just means they see how destructive this behavior is and it wasn’t worth the effort to continue to go back and forth. 😩 This could have went on for weeks! 🤦🏽‍♀️

We all know James Charles is a lair. 🤭  He’s 19.  What 19 year old doesn’t lie? We also know he has some serious mental issues he’s going to need to work out.  There were warning signs, things everyone saw and chose to ignore.  The price of MONEY, FAME and NOTORIETY.  It can float to anyone’s head, and it could certainly float to a 19 year old kid who has NEVER had anything.  Especially ATTENTION. 🙃

Well that said, now maybe the Beauty Community can now heal and get back to the business of doing what they do best.  💄💋

Whew!  What an interesting year 2019 has been… 🤯

What’s next? 🤐

Be Free….