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Dave Chappelle's Sticks & Stones (Netflix Comedy Special)

First let me say, I've been a Dave Chappelle fan for years.  He's always been a thought provoking comedian.  So if you haven't seen his new Netflix special yet, watch it. 

This commentary will have light spoilers.

 When I say Dave touched on a lot of taboo topics, he massaged them, lotioned them up, then rubbed them down in the face of cancel culture.  And guess what - I AM HERE FOR IT!  He said things others want to say, but for fear of being cancelled or ridiculed by people they won't speak their minds.  I'm so tired of people being outraged over stuff every five minutes.  How ‘bout we cancel that shit?!

If you think about it, Dave Chappelle made this comedy special specifically for people who would be the most offended by it and guess what….they didn’t/don’t even realize it!  That's what makes it even more funny!   He’s poking his finger at those people who be offended.  And it’s funny watching them tear their hair out over a few jokes.

Dave gets deep with it. Dave touches suicide.  How a man like Anthony Bourdain had everything to live for decided to kill himself, yet his friend from DC who was down on his luck never considered killing himself.  You don't know what's going on with a person internally.   He ripped into the Michael Jackson accusers.  Michael Jackson has been dead for ten years yet he's still catching cases.  Like when will people leave this be?  He spoke of how the Social Justice Warriors (not specifically mentioned, but we all know what he was talking about) went after Kevin Hart about a tweet he made eons ago, causing him to lose his job hosting the Oscars. Wanted him to apologize, Kevin Hart was like nah, yet still ended up apologizing.  Dave goes off on abortion, the right to choose, which has multiple meanings and the funniest piece is about Jussie Smollett. 

Really, LIKE WHAT THE FUCK has society come to?

I despise PC culture.  Stop being offended about every little thing.  If you don't like it, don't go seeking it to try to go and change it.  I think it’s funny how the cancel culture says people should be more sensitive to others and their feelings, but aren't sensitive to differing opinions.   Hypocritical much?

Try to cancel Dave Chappelle and I will cancel you.  I ride for my DC homie! I applaud Dave Chappelle.   He's stepping on people's toes, people who like to step other's toes, to tell us what we should think and feel and be more sensitive about.  Fuck that!  Let the offensiveness comedy begin!  Or should I say RETURN?!

Be Free…



Review: Lucifer On Netflix

I couldn’t help myself but I binged watched the show Lucifer on Netflix when it was released yesterday, May 8, 2019.

10 episodes. 10 great episodes. I’m so ready for season 5! I have to give a BRAVO to the writers of this show. They keep it witty, despite the fact the show has religious themes.

I think this show is the first show in years I’ve been able to keep interest in during a long hiatus. My normal is on regular TV, once a show goes on that long Christmas break, and they come back weeks later - end of January, I usually forget. Haha This was the worse in the show How to Get Away With Murder. It’s first season. After the Annalise character wasn’t mad about her husband being dead and she looked at the young law student and it was left on a cliffhanger, I never went back to the show. Like never. Not even on Netflix to catch up on the seasons. I was totally done. That’s the kind of shit I do. I have no clue why. Like I said I forget and then I’m not interested anymore.

So Lucifer had to be a hellva show for me to come back. Not to mention, I love me some Tom Ellis. Good lawd, that man is fine. He looks so good in his clothes.

Needless to say, I give the new season on Netflix two thumbs up, a snap and a nicca nod!

It was quite disappointing for Fox to have cancelled the show in the first place, I wonder if they regret that decision. Doesn’t matter really tho. Only because Netflix allowed the creators and the writers to free up the characters. The show is now free to be more creative than network television. I truly thought because the show was now on Netflix they were going to go crazy with the amount of freedom allowed. But they didn’t. They kept it quite tasteful. It wasn’t a lot of nudity or cursing, it had the right touches.

I am so looking forward to season 5. I just hope it doesn’t take a year or years (because this is Netflix! lol) for them to bring back the next season.

Be Free….