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Update: Jinxed

Jinxed is now with the beta readers! Whoo hoo! Getting some good feedback coming in. 🌟🌟🌟 See below.

”This was funny, poignant and in the end a story of empowerment which is something that a lot of romance books fail at.”

“ I really loved this and you had me laughing out loud in places. They characters were well written and I could immediately connect with them and the lead Jinx was just fantastic. I liked that she had a group of friends that she could rely on and I hope they are all getting their stories in the future.”

 “You have a knack for creating rich and intriguing characters as well managing multiple plot lines.  Very well written and well done.”

I’m coming down the home stretch! I’m really happy with how this story turned out. I feel like I have some additional characters that could possibly get their own stories one day. 🥰

In all, I’m ahead of schedule.

Be Free…


2019 Summer 90-Day Challenge Last Update

🤯 After I came back from Detroit and I had that bad toothache I never got back on schedule with my three summer goals. 😩

As for editing and revising Jinxed I’m on the last one third of chapters. It has some further rounds of editing and revising to go before it gets to the beta readers. I’m somewhat behind on my schedule. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I don’t eat as much sugar. I’m still working on this because this is a long term health goal that will never go away. Minimizing eating sugar is important to my overall health.

Lastly, I stopped making IGTV vids. I’m more focused on podcasting. Despite the fact, I love the video medium perhaps it’s not the right platform for me considering how I feel about social media. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m not disappointed. I did achieve one of my goals which was to finish the first draft of Jinxed. And now I’m also done doing the first round of edits. That’s an accomplishment. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Coming Soon: Get to Writing by Michelle Carey Podcast

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Get to Writing is my third podcast I’ve created. I’m in the process of developing this podcast. This podcast will help writers get better with the craft. I will share my personal experiences and offer useful tips to the novice and experienced writers.

In all, I would really like to teach creative writing. Many people have a story within themselves they want to share, but don’t have a clue as to how to begin, how to get through the tough challenges, and be able to get their work to the masses.

I’m here to help those who are seeking assistance. I want to share my knowledge, my highs, plus my lows on writing and being an author.

So be on the look out for the new podcast if you’re interested in writing or want to write a novel/screenplay.

I also have another podcast I started. It is separate from my Introverted with Michelle Carey podcast. It’s called Livin’ Life. I speak about current events. I will cover topics on society, culture, spirituality, health and well being.

I already have three episodes up. This podcast is on Anchor, Spotify, Stitcher and I’m awaiting for Apple to approve it.

Thank you in advance!

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Jinxed - (update)

As usual, I’ve fallen off on updating my blog. lol I actually expect it from myself. It’s cool. I figure, I’m here now.

I’ve been very busy editing and revising my latest WIP - Jinxed. I hope to get it to the beta readers by mid September. I’m looking at a November publishing date. We’ll see.

It’s the Friday of Labor Day weekend. I’m at the beach. I plan to plant my feet in the sand, raise my face to the sun and allow God’s water to wash upon me giving me new life and energy.

It’s time I start my new life. Have a fulfilling weekend, loves!

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