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Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

UGH!!!!! LOL

I’m not going to give myself a hard time over this. I realize it’s difficult to keep up with my ongoing extra summer goals when I have a host of other things I have to do.

WIP - Today I’m going back to editing.

Less sugar - Yesterday was the first day I was back on my less sugar goal. Did well.

IGTV - Yeah, no. lol This goal is like one of those things I feel conflicted on. I want to put together more videos, but I don’t want to compromise my need for privacy and how I feel about my inner conflicts about documenting my life for/on social media.

I slowly getting back to my normal life since being out of town.

Be Free….


Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

HA! I’m WEEEEEEKS behind on my update. LOL Oh well.

July 19th - This was the day before I was to come from Detroit. And well, let me tell you….I had a BAD toothache.

July 26th - Toothache all better but I have make a decision on one of the following - root canal or extraction. I think I’ve settled on the extraction with a bridge.

Here is the latest update on my three goals. They have gone to shit. lol

I haven’t edited anything on Jinx since the first part of July. Like at least two weeks have gone by. But today, July 29th, I’m back on it. I was going to go to the library last Saturday to work on it, but I couldn’t move outta my bed. I think I was just tired from my trip, then coming back with a bad toothache, then dealing with a lot of stuff at work. I just wanted to rest. So I did.

Eat less sugar? I did eat sugar. It’s been less than I normally have, but I had gotten to the point where I was really not eating any sugar. Today is a new day and I’m starting again.

IGTV - I did better on this, but not like I wanted. I did post some videos. But I had other things in mind. That didn’t pan out like I wanted. Maybe I was being lazy who knows. There will be other opportunities.

I’ve been thinking about my blog for the last two weeks, how I needed to write and update it. Now I feel better because I am. I want to keep up with this. I don’t want to go long spans of time before I write in my blog, like I did before.

Be Free….


Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

I didn’t get a chance to write my June 21st weekly update. I was out of town on a college campus visit. That went well.

WIP - I FINISHED JINXED!!!! And I’ve gotten the editing copy printed for me begin edits next month. I was thinking of choosing another WIP to work on for the remainder of the 90 days, but I’ve decided to stick with Jinx. I’m already doing Camp NaNoWriMo for one of my other projects. I’ve kinda put The Crofton Triangle on hold until I figure out the structure changes.

Less sugar - I’ve been keeping up with the less sugar. So far since June 9th, I’ve lost 7.1 pounds. I thought it would be much harder than expected. I do notice how much added sugar is in a lot of things we eat. Especially in fast food choices.

IGTV - I haven’t posted on my channels in the last week, but I’ve gotten feedback how people have been liking the vlogs. On a side note, I’ve also been keeping a regular schedule of posting my podcast. I’ve gotten some promising numbers about the growth of it.

Be Free….


JINXED - First Draft - DONE!!!!


Feeling pretty accomplished right now.

I have finally completed the first draft to the Jinxed manuscript. This has been a long time in the making because I wrote the screenplay in 2006. So much has changed since that time in regards to technology. I had a lot to update. But I made it through.

I wanted to get to at least 50k words. I only clocked in at 47,151. I hoping through the rewrite and revision process I will make up for the shortfall. But the main thing is that the first draft is done, done, done!

Imma say it again friends, IT’S DONE!!!!!

Be Free….


Jinxed Final 1 11132017.jpg

Jinxed Update

I’m so close to finishing. I should be done within the next 10 days, maybe even five, if I keep my word count up. I’ve been putting in words counts between 1000 to 2000 words every time I write.

Once I’m done, I will let it rest. And start the editing process of rewriting and revising in about a month or so. I need to read it with fresh eyes, make my editing notes and proceed to make any corrections before I send it off to the professional editors to review. I never understood how some authors, especially those in Urban fiction, get their books out so quickly or get so many books out in one year. They aren’t James Patterson and have co-authors.

This is the time I get excited; when the first draft has completed and I can read it like it’s an actual book. This book will definitely be out later this year.

Looking forward to the next steps.

Be Free….