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April - Camp NaNoWriMo

I competed in April’s Camp NANOWRIMO. My goal was to get to 40k words in the latest book I’m working on. I was at 36k when I started the camp.  Yes, only 4,000 words. I think I signed up on April 15th. I was late in the game. So, yeah 4,000 words in about 10 days. Pat on the back! I’m proud of me. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I plan to do July’s Camp too. Crazy part is I will be out town for a full two weeks during the next camp. I will have my laptop with me but I will have to really find time to fit it in. I’m thinking of writing 20,000 words to a project I’ve already started. That’s 645 words per day. 😩 I’m still toying with it. We’ll see. 

Be Free.... 


James Patterson CoAuthor Competition

For the month of the February I took some time off from writing Twisted and my other projects to focus solely on the Second Annual James Patterson CoAuthor Competition.  

I submitted my entry last Thursday. The competition ends today.  The genre writers must write in are mystery/thriller. My hook and chapter I entered is based on a CIA Agent that witnesses the first female POTUS being kidnapped in daylight and now she must determine by whom and why.  

I learned a lot from the MasterClass. MasterClass hosts Mr. Patterson's tutorial videos and workbook exercises plus the competition.  The one thing I am most proud of is taking a leap of faith. Writing outside of my usual genre and feeling I have the utmost potential to live out my dreams. 

Semifinalists are announced the beginning of April.  

Be Free....