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Writing Isn't Easy

Thinking of ideas is fluid. I always have ideas. I write some down and others I release back into the universe for others to grab. Realizing those aren’t my stories to write.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing myself to be a serious writer. LOL One would think I was already serious since I have four works already written and published. What I mean by serious is not taking years upon years to get each of my works published. Serious by writing EVERYDAY and making progress on works I have started years prior. Because right now these stories are waiting to be written and inside of me they are screaming to come out.

As an INTJ, I’m into process. Perfecting the process. I just think I haven’t been able to commit to the process I’ve constructed because I’m mentally drained. Physically tired on most days and knowing writing is a mentally and emotionally draining process, I can’t seem to make it happen any quicker than I do. I’m hoping through this new process I’ve set up and I can stick to it and be more productive.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube from writers. I’m not in this struggle alone. Their videos are reassuring to me. I feel like we’re all in this together; wanting to bring a variety of stories to the masses.

I’ve finally come back to my blog. This is a part of my being more productive in writing process. I use to think in order for me to write something on my blog, it had to be poignant. As if it had to be something of significance. But what I realized is that doesn’t matter. I just need write whatever is on my mind and stop thinking about what I think people what to hear from me. People will let me know in the comments section if they want to know about a particular topic, of which I rarely get comments anyway…so I’m good!

Be Free….


April - Camp NaNoWriMo

I competed in April’s Camp NANOWRIMO. My goal was to get to 40k words in the latest book I’m working on. I was at 36k when I started the camp.  Yes, only 4,000 words. I think I signed up on April 15th. I was late in the game. So, yeah 4,000 words in about 10 days. Pat on the back! I’m proud of me. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I plan to do July’s Camp too. Crazy part is I will be out town for a full two weeks during the next camp. I will have my laptop with me but I will have to really find time to fit it in. I’m thinking of writing 20,000 words to a project I’ve already started. That’s 645 words per day. 😩 I’m still toying with it. We’ll see. 

Be Free.... 


The Crofton Triangle | Jinxed

Smallest Jinxed Final 1 11132017.jpg

Now that Twisted has been published, I've been working on my next two books - The Crofton Triangle and In the Zone (Jinxed).  I'm still working out the title on the latter book. 

smallest The Crofton Triangle Book Cover thumbnail March 20 2017.jpg

I can't say which book will be published first and when. For the first time, I don't have any readers waiting on the next book to a series. Twisted was the final installment for Church Chick and Blair X. 

Now I have time to write and not feel pressured about a follow up.  I also have some other books I started - Carmen's Hot Dogs and Cherries, and Diary.  These books are within my character universe.  The Carmen book is kinda a continuation of Let It Burn, but not necessarily a sequel as it follows the main character of Let It Burn's sister.  And Diary also has a few characters that has popped up in my other books.  So I have some other things in the works, now I just gotta make them happen.

Be Free....


Twisted Release Date: October 31st or November 1st

YESSSS!!!!! The time is almost here where Twisted will be release either tomorrow or Wednesday on Amazon! It is done! 

I hope everyone likes how it wrapped up all the unanswered questions from Chuck Chick and Blair X.  Trust me when I say things really are TWISTED! Things are not as they seem!

The ebook will be exclusively on Amazon for the Kindle Unlimited for those who have subscripted to the Kindle Unlimited service. 

Thank you for your patience.  I know a lot of people waited a long time for this final installment. 

Be Free....