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Weekly 90 Day Summer Challenge Update

HA! I’m WEEEEEEKS behind on my update. LOL Oh well.

July 19th - This was the day before I was to come from Detroit. And well, let me tell you….I had a BAD toothache.

July 26th - Toothache all better but I have make a decision on one of the following - root canal or extraction. I think I’ve settled on the extraction with a bridge.

Here is the latest update on my three goals. They have gone to shit. lol

I haven’t edited anything on Jinx since the first part of July. Like at least two weeks have gone by. But today, July 29th, I’m back on it. I was going to go to the library last Saturday to work on it, but I couldn’t move outta my bed. I think I was just tired from my trip, then coming back with a bad toothache, then dealing with a lot of stuff at work. I just wanted to rest. So I did.

Eat less sugar? I did eat sugar. It’s been less than I normally have, but I had gotten to the point where I was really not eating any sugar. Today is a new day and I’m starting again.

IGTV - I did better on this, but not like I wanted. I did post some videos. But I had other things in mind. That didn’t pan out like I wanted. Maybe I was being lazy who knows. There will be other opportunities.

I’ve been thinking about my blog for the last two weeks, how I needed to write and update it. Now I feel better because I am. I want to keep up with this. I don’t want to go long spans of time before I write in my blog, like I did before.

Be Free….