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Review: Lucifer On Netflix

I couldn’t help myself but I binged watched the show Lucifer on Netflix when it was released yesterday, May 8, 2019.

10 episodes. 10 great episodes. I’m so ready for season 5! I have to give a BRAVO to the writers of this show. They keep it witty, despite the fact the show has religious themes.

I think this show is the first show in years I’ve been able to keep interest in during a long hiatus. My normal is on regular TV, once a show goes on that long Christmas break, and they come back weeks later - end of January, I usually forget. Haha This was the worse in the show How to Get Away With Murder. It’s first season. After the Annalise character wasn’t mad about her husband being dead and she looked at the young law student and it was left on a cliffhanger, I never went back to the show. Like never. Not even on Netflix to catch up on the seasons. I was totally done. That’s the kind of shit I do. I have no clue why. Like I said I forget and then I’m not interested anymore.

So Lucifer had to be a hellva show for me to come back. Not to mention, I love me some Tom Ellis. Good lawd, that man is fine. He looks so good in his clothes.

Needless to say, I give the new season on Netflix two thumbs up, a snap and a nicca nod!

It was quite disappointing for Fox to have cancelled the show in the first place, I wonder if they regret that decision. Doesn’t matter really tho. Only because Netflix allowed the creators and the writers to free up the characters. The show is now free to be more creative than network television. I truly thought because the show was now on Netflix they were going to go crazy with the amount of freedom allowed. But they didn’t. They kept it quite tasteful. It wasn’t a lot of nudity or cursing, it had the right touches.

I am so looking forward to season 5. I just hope it doesn’t take a year or years (because this is Netflix! lol) for them to bring back the next season.

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