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Having Growth Mindset

Are you in a FIXED mindset? Sometimes I am. Sometimes, I think I’m not good enough or that I don’t have the skills. That others may do better than myself. I don’t know why I think like that sometimes when I know I’m capable.

It’s better to have a GROWTH mindset. Where I’m always improving and developing my skills. Allowing myself to perform better than I did before. Giving myself a chance to learn and growth. I can get better. I can do better. I am continually developing my skills.

I read this IDEA report by the NeuroLeadership Institute. It was about the Growth Mindset Culture in businesses. We are on the edge, the beginning of new age in the workforce. Like a new industrial age, but in a technological sense. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are going to take over so many jobs. What will people do. We won’t need as many jobs if robots and AI can do the job. What will any of us to do? What will be the need for me to continue to write books, if AI can be programmed to write stories? But we can’t be in a fixed mindset knowing these changes are happening around us.

I think it is all interesting because in these changing times, we can’t be down on ourselves about what can and cannot do. We have to have a growth mindset. We can’t be stuck. We can’t remain fixed. Old habits are hard to break. Learn to be patient with yourself.

I say all this because this is how I feel about my writing. I know with each book I’m getting better and better at my craft. I’m branching out into different genres of writing. It’s scary because on some days I think to myself, can I really write this? But I keep forging ahead, despite the fact what I think others might think. I’m moving from a constant fixed mindset to a growth mindset and I’m loving the journey.

Be Free….