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Ups & downs - Back to Up

Today is a better day.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down. My daughter’s car needed new tires. Of which I knew I had to do. Got the tires. Four new tires. I feel better knowing that her car has new tires. She won’t be stranded on a flat because one of the old tires had a slow leak.

In all, I’m tired of always having to put out money for all these THINGS I own.

Way tired of all the STUFF. Stuff always being pushed to me. Get this because you need it or gotta have that because it will make you this. OH BOY!!!! TRASH! It’s not true.

Then I lost my favorite pair of glasses today. I have these yellow tinted glasses I use for the computer, or bright lights. The glasses were only $18 on Amazon. So I ordered another pair, then I just got a call that there were found! YAY! Had to cancel the order.

Today is better day. I’m making my way through one moment at a time.

Be Free….