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I’ve been on YouTube since 2006. I remember how the platform changed and grew. I remember when Google came a long and purchased it and then everything changed. Money got involved and YouTube became a whole career. Official job: YouTuber….

Being a YouTube partner was crazy hard to get. If I would stayed with it, I think my life would be different. I’ve made lots of videos and at one point in time I was a YouTube partner before they changed the rules and my partnership was stripped. I had the views, but not the subscriber count. And I will admit, I didn’t want to put in the day in and day out hard work to get the subs. I didn’t want to say don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. LOL I figured if YOU liked the video, you’d hit the thumbs up button to like it, if YOU wanted to share it, you would and of course after looking at a series of my vids, YOU would want to subscribe, YOU would. I also felt like I was begging for someone to like me when I was doing YouTube videos. Just a few weeks ago, I even considered going back to making vids, but then remembered what drove me away and instead opted to go back to my podcast.

The reason I couldn’t stick with YouTube was I had a very busy life offline and two I got tired of sharing my life. I felt like in order for my channel to be successful I would have to over share. Being a YouTuber isn’t easy when you’re doing it by yourself. The ideas, the filming, the editing, the SEO, marketing and everything else that goes along with it. I thought I had a passion for it, but I in reality I just liked it, but not enough for it to be my passion like writing.

All this to say, right now, James Charles is getting the most internet lashing I’ve ever seen on YouTube. People are unsubscribing left, right, up, down, north, south, east, west. It’s crazy….because all those subs look like they are filtering over to Tati Westbrook after she outed James for his suspect behavior. It was my daughters who brought this to my attention. I’m usually bringing them the tea and gossip about what’s going on, but I realized now of that stuff truly appeals to me anymore. Maybe it’s age and growth in my mindset. (You’ll learn more about the growth mindset soon.)

I use to watch beauty influencers years ago. That’s how I learned to apply make up. Now I don’t watch them as much because it seems like they are all about drama. My favorites were Wayne Goss, Kandee, and Makeup Geek. I also subbed to some sisters, but they didn’t stay with it and they quit their channels. But over the years the beauty community changed. I don’t know when it changed, but it wasn’t interesting anymore. I didn’t feel like I was learning anything. It felt self absorbed.

Now, in my eyes, the beauty community on YouTube is nothing but a bunch of shit. There are some good things to learn and see on it, but the beauty community is a shit show in my opinion. A long with the drama channels. It’s all about views, subs, likes….Almost like they need those things to feel accepted. Social media has destroyed people’s self worth. It all hinges on who has the most friends, followers, subs, likes, loves, views, yada, yada, yada…it’s actually quite sickening.

In other parts of the YouTube world I don’t get that sense. They are just giving you the information…like the tech channels. I don’t get a feeling of toxicity from them. Here’s the latest iPhone, Pixel, Samsung…here’s how they compare, now do what you will with the information.

Okay…enough venting. It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve had a damn good day of doing nothing. Not a damn thing.

I don’t know how you feel about the YouTube thing but if you have some strong thoughts leave a comment.

Be Free….