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IDGAF Anymore

I'm thinking about naming my podcast "IDGAF Anymore." lol It's because I really don't.  I have quite a few topics I want to touch upon and I can't do it with YouTube being on some Disneyland shit. I have somethings I want to express that's not always "ad friendly," as YouTube would have it.  I've been a YouTube Partner (YTP) for a long time, but I never took the opportunity to maximize the potential of ad revenue because in the mood to make YouTube videos. But then I realized *insert light bulb here* I could make passive income by making videos because I am a YTP.  

As usual, I'm VERY early to adopting something and then seeing it all the way through only having to get on the train after it's gone through a few stations. I could have been making money on YouTube YEARS and I mean YEARS ago, but I opted out of making vids to go hang out on Twitter.  (Poor choice). 

I'm hoping this YouTube ad boycott doesn't last very long because making videos is a good way of me having a second job - that I actually enjoy - to get me on the way to my RV LIFE!  

So podcasting, yeah, it's going to be great.  It's going to be my next creative outlet for all the off the wall things I really want to say but always felt like I couldn't. 

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