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Both novels - Blair X and Let It Burn - are complete.  The creative process is complete, but the revisions and the edits are not. I'm very behind with completing these efforts.  I'm in school and projects at work have increased.  But I figure, I just need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to it and it will be done. 

Trying to edit these manuscripts and get everything else done is like when people say they don't have time to workout.   I just need to make the time, like I do with everything else! 

The first website has been completed to my Sunrai Health & Wellness Community business. I've also done a few health and wellness consultations.  I have to remember I'm establishing and growing an empire.  An empire for good reading and great health!  These are my focuses.  

In all, I'm happy.  I've accomplished a lot of great things and there are still a lot of great things yet to be accomplished!

Be Free....