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2013 Review

The year started off very interesting and somewhat heartbreaking. Life changes are never easy. This time last year, my mind was in a different place.  I was sad.  I was upset.  I was confused.  I was hurt.  I felt like a failure.  I felt I didn't have control over my life and my thoughts.  The things I wanted to do.  The places I wanted to go.  Always asking myself why was I in the place I was.  Despite all the achievements and strides I had done in years before, it didn't take away the feeling of loss.

What a difference 365 days can make.  

Despite the passing of my grandfather in June, this year I learned that every moment is new and I can make changes in how I think and perceive life at a moment's notice.  I don't need to wait until the next day, the beginning of the week or month, or even the year.  I can make changes now.  

So, in 2013, I decided not to dwell on the wishes, hopes and dreams lost, but to be happy about how I can wish, hope and dream again.  I'm in this moment of time. I have this moment.  

This is the moment I make my life happen. 

Be Free...