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#Lost then #Found

The one thing I learned today at work is that I'm ready to move on from what I'm doing. I've known this for a while - last couple of years, but a couple of years ago, I was only thinking of my writing career - not actually doing it.  I was writing screenplays and trying to get them optioned or noticed in some way...and then I realized I had a talent for writing fiction - novels. 

For a long time, writing fiction seemed painful. I could write short stories.  I'd start writing a book and after ten good pages interest would fade and I'd let it be.  I liked screenwriting.  It's quicker - action then dialogue.  Easy nothing to it.  But I feel like I've found my wings in writing novels.  I'm happy about that.

lol I laugh at myself, I have three blogs I need to keep up with...and they all talk about different stuff.  So yeah, I'm writing....whatever you decide to do in this life....just do what you love...it's never to late.

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