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On my #mind....

Sometimes in life, I guess we are put in certain positions as a test to our fortitude.  I think sometimes we pass and other times we fail, and we're given that test again.  Even when we pass, we are re-tested to ensure we still have it.

I was given a test, I'm not sure I passed.  But what I realized is losing is winning.  

Fading into the background is sometimes not an option and one must speak out regardless.  Owning my actions, being accountable to myself, never holding my tongue or sitting on my hands when I am a place of discomfort is never an option - and never shall it be.  The truth is the truth.  And speaking it regardless of time and space is always about the here and now.  If not now, then opportunities are lost, discomfort is born, and dis-ease grows.  It's the beginning of resentment.

I may have allowed for my truth to take me a step over the edge and I'm free falling - possibly netless - but I held my ground for my truth and my principles.  For the person I am.  Not sure of the outcome of it all.  I may experience some hardship, but nothing is ever permanent, except for death.  

Always moving forward with a clear conscience.

Be Free....