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The #Massacre on the #MiddleClass

From Evernote: The #Massacre on the #MiddleClass

There is a force amongst us that is trying to massacre the middle class.  The United States was built upon the backs of the middle class.  The middle class are the hard working people that aren't eligible for entitlements and who aren't the super rich, but the millions upon millions people who are stuck between the two.  

I am in the middle class. And it scares me to see how the GOP is trying to gut us and create a divide between the rich and the poor.  How they put more care and importance into corporations, the very corporations that employ the middle class.  But it is those corporations that want to lower the wages of their employees, so they can make more profits and keep more wealth for themselves.  Step one to get this done, squeeze people out of unions by stripping them from their collective bargaining rights. 

So here's my thought, there is an underground movement to under mind President Obama to oust him as the POTUS - and I wholeheartedly believe because he is black, highly educated, and doesn't stomp to the same tune as them.

I firmly believe that some corporations have banned together to NOT create jobs, just to make President Obama look bad.  Thus, this helps sink the middle class even further.  

The GOP, especially the Tea Party, seem to think they are speaking on behalf of Americans.  I'm here to say, they do not speak for me.  I do not subscribe to their far right thinking.  The GOP is infused and confused between the over zealous religious and save big business ideals.   This country will not be able to survive with this type of confusion. 

There is a bad energy floating in this country.  If good thinking and common sense is to prevail, we must combat this energy at every step. Send healing and helpful energy to our POTUS, as he is being attacked.  We must protect ourselves and our way of life.  We can not allow these wild ideals to live any further than they have. 

Be Free...

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