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#Evernote: The #Digital Mom Handbook

From Evernote: The Digital Mom Handbook I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the book "The Digital Mom Handbook," by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla.  The book is about two stay at home moms, who were able to carve out social media careers through blogging vlogging, tweeting, and facebooking. (Amazing how these words are now verbs - I digress).   The purpose of the book is to outlay a road map for other stay at home moms to find a middle ground between staying at home and continuing a career via the Internet.  They describe this method through seven "basic" steps.  The book is well organized and well written.  I enjoyed reading it.  I learned a lot and it supplemented my knowledge base on this subject.  They are able to give specific examples and highlight other mommy blogs.  For a first time blogger or someone who is a novice to this medium as a way to make money, this book is a good start because it gives practical steps.  I felt the authors understood how a person who is new to this could feel some anxiety. - Blog written with #evernote via my LG G-Slate with Google by TMO for Amazon.com Vine Review