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S.M.A.R.T. #Goals

So what are SMART goals? 

Well this week, I was at the FEW conference.  FEW stands for FEDERALLY EMPLOYED WOMEN.  I also presented at this conference.  My coworker and I did a presentation on Finding and Applying for positions within the Federal Government.  Our first presentation we had over 250 people. That was Monday morning - July 18th...we did the presentation again Tuesday afternoon to a huge crowd of 13 women.  But no matter the size of the group, each received valuable information and they enjoyed it.  Goal achieved!

So back to SMART goals....not only did I present at the conference, but I also attended.  I took the following courses, Addicted to You, Emotional Intelligence, Making of a Winner, Mentoring, and Making Technology Work for You.  Three of the five classes focused on SMART goals.  I had first learned about this method when I was working with HUD on their performance standards.  But the concept of SMART really didn't hit me until I came to the conference.  (that was like many years late - better late than never, ha!) But SMART is a way to structure your goals.  

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T - Timely

If you use this format you will achieve your goals.  Your goal must be specific, not broad, if it is too broad, you will begin to feel overwhelmed at the task of achieving it.  Make sure the goal is measurable.  Set milestones, so you know you're moving in the right direction and you're making progress.  Ensure the goal is attainable.  You don't want to set the goal so high, it's unreachable.  The goal must be realistic.  It's not that you can't dream about being the president...of China...but you and I both know, that's not realistic.  Last but not least, make sure your goal has a deadline.  When do you want to have this goal achieved?  All goals need a target date for completion.  

I wholeheartedly believe this method will set you up to achieving your dreams one step at a time.  This method, I know will keep me accountable...to myself...

What goals do you have?  What things do you want to achieve and accomplish?  Are your goals scattered everywhere with no direction?  

This method should help.  Now is the time for you to get your goals together.  Do not waste another minute.  Life is about growing and if you aren't growing, you're dying.  It's time to live.


Be Free....