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G & M #Restaurant & Lounge

My wonderful husband took me out on a date Tuesday evening.  This time to the G & M Restaurant & Lounge; located 804 Hammonds Ferry Road | Linthicum Heights, Maryland 21090....

He had heard from some people how GREAT the crab cakes were.  OH REALLY?!

Baby and I have made ourselves amateur food critics.  LOL.  We like to go to restaurants we've never been; and decide whether or not if this is a place we'd eat again.  Let's just say G & M will not be getting the Careys business ever again!

Soup.  We both had Cream of Crab.  I like it. Hubby thought it was too salty.  

Bread.  HUGE rolls...but that weren't even WARM...the butter wouldn't even melt on it.  I could have eaten it if the bread was good, but it was nasty.  How can anyone jack up bread?! Disappointment.  Even the waitress was like our rolls are horrible. WHAT! lol 

Tossed Salad.  Lettuce bag you can buy in any grocery store with HUGE tomato halves on the side. The lettuce didn't look fresh, wilted.... Major deduction.  We could have overlooked the salad.

Main meal.  I had the jumbo crab cake platter.  Hubby had the veal parmesan.  The portion size was huge.  Reminds so much of my wonderful Blue Dolphin.  I digress.  Hubby said he his food was good.  Better than he had expected given the soup, bread and tossed salad.   My jumbo crab platter...was - nothing to go screaming to my friends about.  The coleslaw as dry, the French fries were those huge steak fries (by the way, I don't like steak fries), and the crab cakes were jumbo, but they had NO TASTE.  I can't even say what it was holding the thing together, but whatever it was, it gave me an after taste in my mouth. 

We didn't even stay long enough to get dessert.  Even though what we saw were large slices of cakes and pies. 

Service.  I think our waitress was over worked.  She had a lot of tables to attend to with a lot of people.  So the table for two, was put on the back burner a lot.  We found ourselves waiting and waiting and waiting long periods of time before she'd come back to us.

Sidenote:  This place has a nice atmosphere.  They also have a carry-out (in the same building as the lounge).  The parking lot was jammed packed and it was a 35 to 40 minute wait to be seated...on a TUESDAY!  So someone thinks that food is good.  Just not us! lol   

Here's the website:  http://gandmrestaurant.com/  If you go and let me know how you like it. 

I will stick to my Blue Dolphin!  http://www.bluedolphingrill.com/  Has the same size portions, but tastes so much better!!!! 


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