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Okay...first thing first....

The Casey Anthony trial.  I didn't watch it. I watched the closing arguments and from what I could tell...the prosecution did not prove the woman killed her child.  They proved she covered up a lot of crap.  Hey you ask the wrong questions you get the wrong answers.  So it wasn't that the defense was good, it was just the prosecution was poor.  They weren't given a lot to work with.  Seemed like a lot of hearsay and confusion.  

I have no judgement on whether the woman killed her daughter or not.  I don't have all the evidence or facts to make a clear determination; but as a mother, I do think she is a poor excuse for the mother title. And she will procreate again. So child number two better watch out. 

Google+ aka G+ ... I have invites. lol [insert cheesy smile here]  Okay...at first I didn't understand it, but now I'm coming to realize how powerful G+ will be as time moves on.  It's clean, it doesn't have any advertising.  I hope it stays that way.  To me the concept is between a Facebook and Twitter integration.  

I really can't explain it.  It's something you'll need to experience for yourself and make it into your own thing.  

However, I like the Circles.  I've always been into organizing my contacts and lists of things, so the Circles work for me.  I just need more people in my circles! lol

I want to use the Hangout feature.  Hangout is a multi person video chat feature. How cool is that?  At the moment, G+ only allows 10 people to hangout.  When the "room" is full people are put on a wait list. Which is very manageable, but I see the use of the feature expanding for other reasons.  Online classrooms, book clubs, family meetings, even for "Meetups".....

In the Zone is my e-Novel.  It will be available through Kindle and Smashwords. Smashwords pushes out to all the non-Kindle eReaders.  I am pushing for a November 1, 2011 publishing date.  So be on the look out for it soon! :-)  

Closing thoughts?  You can change your life this very second. 


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