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Transformers 3 and Green Lantern

Saw both of these movies this week...  Let's go with Green Lantern first because I saw it on Monday...

Green Lantern was your typical cliche romance story surrounded by some superhero stuff.  It was all about saving the girl.  My husband remarked to me, "wasn't the Green Lantern black?"  Um, what do I know about comic books and superheros?  Nothing...so when we got home I looked it up and yes, yes he was....BUT....as the movie explained - there are MANY Green Lanterns...so I let him know...they chose to focus on THAT one....  He was none to thrilled!  He was like that's messed up! 

However, I do love the message GL offers...not really having any information/background/history on GL,   the comic books, I did appreciate the concept behind  WILL vs FEAR. The GREEN LIGHT of WILL/CREATIVITY vs The YELLOW LIGHT of FEAR and LACK of thereof.  (probably why my website is GREEN! Ha! lol I digress.)  I have the power within me to create and manifest all that I desire as long as I have the WILL to so, but if I allow FEAR to encompass me, my WILL can not survive. What a message!  Anything is possible when you have that green light...now if I can only get one of those nifty little green rings.... lol 

TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!  Wow...what an epic movie....so epic it was almost 3 hours long.  We (hubby and the kids) we went to the 10:40pm show....we didn't leave to go home until 1:30am!!!!!!!!  

I swear the last 45 minutes of the movie was worthless.  It was nice visually to watch the paratroopers or whatever they were  to jump out of windows and glide in the air effortlessly...but come on Michael Bay!  How much do you really think I want to see the actors  in a glass building while being torn up by a Decepticon - Shockwave -  slide around in the building THEN have to jump out the windows, fall on the side of the building, just to shoot the windows out to find themselves falling and sliding inside  the building AGAIN!!!!!    I get it...I love action, but it can be tiresome on the mind....

Lots and lots of action....but it was painstaking to sit through the last 45 minutes, as my husband said, even the Autobots, took a break - cuz them fools had disappeared from the movie and then came back out of nowhere! 

And look, I'm not saying Megan Fox is all of that as an actress...but at least we knew Shia had chemistry with her.  This new chick can not act!!!!!!!  With her puffy lips. Her lips were so distracting to me. 

I love John Malkovich...who doesn't!!!!!!!  He's such a talent. 

Anyway, the movie is centered around the "real" reason we had to go to the moon...blah blah blah...that's for those people who believe we actually went...I'm not one of them...but that's another topic for another day, my friends.

Go see the movie, just go early and be prepared to sit for awhile. 

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!


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