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Weight Watchers One Month Update

Went to my Weight Watchers meeting today, really didn't feel like staying for the meeting...too hot, but I did weight in.  Another 1.4 pounds lost! Yay me!!!!

I'll be honest, I haven't been tracking my points really well these last two weeks.  I haven't been in the mood.  But the one thing that has been a constant is me working out. Especially doing the Pilates.  I really love me some Pilates! I am beginning to see a slight change in my body.  I can only imagine the changes when four months set in.  That's around September or so.  I am hoping to have a total of 40 pounds lost by then.  Well see...

My ultimate goal is to have lost 50 pounds by the time hubby and I go to Vegas for our one year anniversary!

So I've done extremely well during my first Weight Watchers month.  Total lost is 10lbs!!!!!!! 

Oh so sweet!