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Not ready for P90x, but you can't go wrong with doing some #TaeBo

I'm a little anxious about my weight loss for this week.  I feel so stuffed right now, but I guess that's how I should be, I ate a lot of veggies. But I didn't exercise on Monday and I feel all off track. I was planning to go to the gym tonight, but I got sidetracked because I was angry about somethings that were going on in my house.  I should have used that anger to fuel my workout.  Instead, I sat around stewing in my heat. Lesson learned. 

So I decided I was going to take my one mile walk, but now I've gotten caught up in watching the First 48, some show my husband left on the tv, and it's pass my walking time....730. It's starting to get dark and so that's shot.  My next move...Tae Bo.  

I'm not ready for P90x! lol I'm working my way up. 


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