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Here are a series of vents:  

  • I am totally disgusted about the lack of diversity on Amazon Studios.   It's still a white male dominated profession.  No room for a black female with a fresh perspective.  Hollywood's mantra sucks.
  • I despise copycats. This is beyond flattery. My mold was broken. 
  • I don't like stuff under the bed. My daughter keeps putting stuff under her bed. Get that shit from under the bed little girl!
  • I hate being overweight. This is the first time I've ever admitted that I really don't like being overweight, but I am doing something about it. I have truly learned to love working out. 
  • I love my dog, but I don't like the fact he doesn't fit into my new lifestyle.  I feel like I'm a bad pet owner.  My poor Santana.  Makes me wanna cry. 
  • I don't like it when people don't follow the reserve parking space rules. You know you don't live here, so why are you in my parking space?
  • I'm tired of being beholden to my job.  Happy to have one, but I need a change. 
  • My own self esteem has me disliking people when I think they are put together too well. Makes me reflect on how lazy I can be. 
  • I wish I lived in either Miami, Vegas, or San Diego, because then maybe I'd have a different perspective.  My perspective is "governmental"...thanks to being a native Washingtonian. 
  • I especially dislike the fairness of life being unfair. 

lol I feel better now.  


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