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May 21, 2011 - The #Rapture

I can't help from laughing at this.  It's just really too bad too many people believe in this mess.  They have given money to this quack Harold Camping, I think his name is.

Lawd, maybe May 21, 2011 is the day we all need to pray for these folks. I saw this one guy on the news who said he sold everything he owned in anticipation of May 21st.  That's shocking to me! 

I read some where if it isn't May 21st, we all have a second chance on June 4th...but the "real" doomsday is December 21, 2012....the end of the Mayan calendar......

I just don't think something like this can pinned to one specific day on the calendar.....anything else is a falsehood...you create your heaven and hell...doomsday could be every day when you're living your personal hell....make the right choices....heaven awaits....good things come forward effortlessly and plentiful. 

The only Rapture Imma get caught up in is the one called love...my husband is taking me to Philly tomorrow....that's all I need! lol :-) 

Have a fun weekend folks!  And don't get swept away!!!!!!


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