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Watching weight...

I joined Weight Watchers.  I had been a member of WW years ago...I mean years!!!!! I did it online with the points system.  I did lose weight, but I didn't have that extra support system of attending meetings.  This time I really mean business.  I spent the extra money to attend the meetings every Thursday.  I think the extra support is necessary on this journey.  

I was going to join at work.  My job also sponsers WW, but it was more expensive and I couldn't attend the meetings because they are on Mondays and I don't go into the office on Mondays.  But I wasn't going to allow this to deter me from my goals.  

I want to be happy in the vessel God has given me.  I need to do a better job of taking care of what God has given me.  I am doing myself such a disservice by not taking care of myself, especially when I don't have any ailments.  I am so fortunate.

Tomorrow it's back in the gym.  My arms were hurting really bad the last couple of days.  I lifted those weights from the machine, but I think for now on I think I'm going to do free weights.  I never liked the free weights before but now I'm feeling them.  Positive mind over negative thoughts....I've got to keep exercise linked to having fun. 

I attend my first meeting tomorrow. I'm excited. Yay me!!!!!


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