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Been a minute...

Well, it's been a few months since I last wrote in my blog.  You'd think I would have been very busy.  Let's just say I've been preoccupied.  Some really serious stuff was going down and I had to focus on it.  It was heavy.  Emotionally draining and I was really happy when I got pass that rough patch.  Now, I'm in a better place.  Not totally 100%, but moving in the right direction. 

So far, I've been married for six months and I love it.  It's nice to come home to my husband. And vice versa.  It's nice I have someone to talk to about everything that's going through my mind and have no judgements about what I'm feeling and thinking.  Love him to pieces. 

Work is work.  I wish they would take more of a private industry approach with allowing us to be creative thinkers.  It's so stressful working the way we do.  No wonder the moral is low. 

The girls are good.  The (step) son is good.  They are the usual kids...getting on the parents nerves, getting on each other's nerves...but we all like to have fun and laugh. I have a wonderful family. 

Bowling is interesting.  I was hot for a minute, but I have seem to have cooled off.  I need to get myself back together!  My team is in first place and they need me to step up!!!!  We can win this! 

Writing is writing.  This is my first step getting back into the groove. Sometimes I think I'm a fake writer.  I like to write, but no will or motivation to write.  The stories come to me, but I'm lazy about getting them down. Maybe, I'm more of an idea type of person.  Who knows?

I have things I need to do today and I feel lazy just thinking about them. UGH! I'm struggling with this energy thing.  Gonna get it together.  I have no other choice. First thing is first, I need to go downstairs and fix the house phone. lol Baby steps lead to large gains....


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