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#Church #Chick My #First #Novel

My first novel will hopefully drop as an eBook in January.  [I also plan to have a mass market/trade paperback book in the future] I'm very excited.  The book is based of my screenplay of the same name.  I've always wanted to write a novel,  but I didn't have the patience.  I found screenwriting to be easier; only because of the length.  Now I'm enjoying the experience of writing a novel.  It's not so bad after all. 

Genre:  Romance/Drama/Comedy

Concept:  Good Girl Gone Bad   

Set up:  Emotionally suppressed by her religious mother, SABRINA SLOAN yearns for more excitement in her dull life.  In a shallow attempt to move forward she marries the older Deacon of the church, but is liberated when he dies on their wedding night.  Now free to find love and happiness, Sabrina discovers the dark side of lust and hopelessness when she is confronted by Blair, her best friend, when Blair thinks Sabrina has stolen her boyfriend.