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#Sunrai #Multimedia #LLC is #LIVE!

YES!  I'm doing it....I'm getting things done.

My business is now officially a LLC.  Yay!!!!!  I finally saw it listed in the business search.  It's good to be official.  Now I really gotta work! lol :-) 

Sunrai Multimedia, LLC is an e-Publishing company.  I've decided to publish my own works as well as anyone else who is looking to become an author and wants there works and writing published on e-readers.  I'm also going to start an e-mag, but that's down the line.  

I also have plans to dabble in reviewing technology products.  I already review for Amazon in their Vine program, so why not take it a step further.  This piece is also in due time.  I'm just one person! lol

But the main part is I'm on my to creating the life I want outside of a traditional nine to five.  I want to live my life on my own terms - I just have to have passive income to get it done. 

It's a step by step process - I have it all written out, and I'm climbing each stair.


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