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#Brave are the #souls who take #risks

I'm trying something different.  Not new, just different.

Most people when they read ebooks they are in a narrative format.  I've decided to make my screenplays ebooks, but keeping the screenplay format in tact.  It's a risk, but why reinvent the wheel.  The story reads the same, but it's void of a lot of exposition. 

This does make me nervous.  A lot of people like their books to read like a traditional book, but God told me to do it like this...my first mind told me...that's who I think God is - my first mind. 

Well, for all the things I speak of when it comes to risk, I'm taking this risk, and feeling overly anxious about it, but it's okay.  New ways of doing things come a long when someone was brave enough to put it out there. 

Be Free....