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I woke up this morning wanting to showcase my poetry skills.  I'm not sure I'm just going to add a section to my website with Poetry, or am I just going write it in the #RealTalkBlog.

If I decide to make Poetry it's own section, then I'm going to rework my entire website. There are somethings I want to put on here and things I want to take down.  #realgoal for February maybe.

But in the meantime, here's one of my poems, until I get them in their own section.

Be Free...

Written in 2003

Trippin On Words



Mental integration

Mind tribulation

total concentration

Words on paper

Like a thief in the night

pullin a caper

Feeling the vapors

Rising through my head

Constantly going around

through my mind

It's like taking a trip downtown

Long and hot

Sometimes blocked

Shocked, but it's a shot

Only time will tell

If I can try this spell

to take these words

and make them excel