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Mega Millions

You gotta play to win...so I play and placed divine order on it and now it's just a matter of time before I win. 

Wow, it would be so nice to win.  I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow or any other day for that matter. I could pay off my student loans. Just to get that monkey off my back would be great.  I would pay my current house off, fix it up and then give it to someone who really needs a home. I would purchase the new house I'm getting now and purchase it out right. Trust funds for the kids, make sure immediate family are taken care of, travel, rest, write, produce my own movies, start a business like my own bowling alley...etc.  Wow, there is so much that needs to be done. 

I know when I win, I will need to stay grounded, because money like that will bring the evil out in people.  People who all of a sudden think you owe them something. 

I'm claiming it! I'm the Mega Millions dollar winner for January 4, 2011. 


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