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Does this intrigue you?

Here is the first scene to the newest screenplay I started working on today.  It came to me in the middle of the night.



The WOMAN lies down on the bench at the bus stop.  She takes her short cropped leather jacket and wraps it around the torso of her body.  Pieces of her hair blow in the wind.
She breathes.  The moisture from her mouth creates a fog around her face.  Her teeth chatter.
The dawn breaks over the horizon behind her.
A bus arrives.  The doors of the bus open.  The BUS DRIVER looks at the woman on the bench.
              BUS DRIVER
Hey, miss are you getting on?
The woman slowly opens her eyes.  She gets up and looks around.
              BUS DRIVER
Lady, are you getting on the bus or not?
The woman checks the pockets of her jacket.  She pulls out a public transportation card.
She boards the bus.  The bus drives away.


Not going to say what's going to happen, but does this intrigue you? 


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