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I Need A Goal Tracker

I have a lot of things on my mind this morning. 

I'm excited about my birthday trip.  I'm excited about turning 40 next week.  I'm excited about being off from work for a week.  (Who wouldn't be excited about that? lol) Plus, I've decided to host another trip for 2012.  That takes planning. 

In addition, Amazon Studios announces their 50 semi-finalists today, next Monday they announce the six finalists and then 10 days after that, they announce the two winners for the December contest. I have mixed emotions.  I feel like I need validation with my writing skills in this competition.  I've never allowed anyone to read what I've written regarding my screenplays, except for my mother. So, tossing my hat in this ring, is a major deal for me and I'd like to see what evolves from this for myself.  I also want to have a table reading for one of my screenplays.  That should be interesting. I just need to gather the "actors", get a camera and set it up. 

I want to work on doing something different with my website.  I've had this website for two years now, so it's time to do something new.  Wish I could hire someone to do it for me.  There is a lot of work involved in redesigning a website.  I want to showcase my poetry again.  I showcased it on my last website before I redesigned it into this website.  I know my poetry is good. lol It's a subjective medium. 

I have reading and writing projects on my list of things to do, plus keep up with my blog.  I'm getting good solid unique hits to it everyday and I want to keep the pace up.  I feel like I don't have enough time to get it all done.  But I'll have to manage my time five minutes at a time.  

I need a nice template to track my goals. I have a lot of them this year; personal & professional, with some overlapping.  This morning, I'm going to find one, fill it out, print it and keep track of everything I want to accomplish for MMXI.

Overall, yada yada yada...blah blah blah! lol :-)  It's good to have goals.  This time next year, I'll have accomplishments! 


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