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XXMI | 1.1.11

Happy New Year!

My first blog post of the new year!!! Whoo Hoo!!!  I hope that everyone had a safe one. 

I have a lot things in store for MMXI.  Starting with my blog.  I did an okay job of keeping it updated in 2010.  I think I could have done better. There was months I missed not updating because I was so enticed with living life off the net that I just couldn't do both.  But this year, I'm committed to really working on my blog, readership and growing it.  

I think my blog needs more of focus than just me rambling on anything that comes to mind. I need to focus more on writing and offering advice to others maybe.  Not sure.  Then there is always relationships.  But does the net really need another relationship blog?  Probably not. lol  Be nice people, respect them, say what you mean and mean what you say.  So there is the relationship advice for 2011. I guess I could work on my mother blog more, but do I really feel like giving out parental advice. So yeah, I even though, I think my blog needs more focus, I have no idea what to focus on.  lol So, I'll guess I'll back to what it was - me talking and writing about anything that comes to my mind. :-)

Here's some good script material:



The MAN, (40) sits in his Ikea chair.  He plays his PS3.  He takes a pillow and props it up under his head.


Babe, can you give me the blanket?

A WOMAN, (40) sits on the bed, typing away on a laptop.  She throws the blanket at him.

He laughs. 


Aren't you glad I'm not like at a regular man? 


What do you mean?

The woman looks at the television. She shakes her head as she looks the score. 


I didn't ask you to make me anything to eat.


That's because your stomach hurts.

The man quits the game and restarts it again.  


Cheatin' ass game.

The woman laughs. 


I think I need to practice writing better scenes.  Maybe, I'll use my blog for this. lol :-)  Who knows?

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