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Life Exists Outside

Wow...it's been about eight (8) weeks since I've last written in my blog.  Doesn't even seem like eight weeks have gone by that fast. Well it has. Two more days and it's August! 2010 is flying by.

Nothing has drastically changed in my world.  I'm still with my sweetie. Love him to pieces. 

Work is work. But I'm blessed and thankful to have a job.  Too many people out here are trying to rob Peter to pay Paul and really don't have a Peter to rob.

The girls are good. Growing up and learning to make their way in life. 

My moms book is selling well. Please check one of my previous blog posts for the information on how to purchase it. 

Santana is calming down these days.  I can take him for a walk and he's not pulling me, but really walking beside me. I really need to get that dog properly trained.  He suffers from separation anxiety. Seriously. He's very clingy to me.  

I un-deactivated my Facebook. Now that's interesting. lol But I only go on once in awhile. I still find FB to be a done nothing website.  I do like playing the Texas Hold'em and the Family Feud on there, but for the most part, FB doesn't have any meaning for me. I've started tweeting again.  But not with the same passion I had once before.  I've said this once before I like Twitter much better than I do FB.  And I still find that Twitter is better social networking website than FB.  But these folks are allowing FB to be the spaceship from WALL-E.  It's making their minds fat with do nothingness.  I'm finding that life really does exist outside. 

My writing has stalled. I really hate to admit that. But it has. It's not that I have writer's block, I don't have the energy to want to write. I think about writing everyday, but I never put my fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper.  It just seems like a chore in my mind.  I'm hoping that writing in my blog today will help me get back on track. I feel like I'm wasting so much time, but not writing at least a page a day! DAMN not even a page today, yesterday, three days ago, two weeks ago or even these past eight weeks. I'm such a lush at the moment. But I promised myself I'd work on this.  Right now I'm failing me.  Me and only me. I need to recommit to myself. That's the only way this is going to work.  So given that notion that life exists outside, made I need a netbook and work outside to get this writing done. (Just another excuse...to purchase a netbook lol)

Remember - life is better with the good company you want to keep.


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