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When you least expect it.....

My life has been flipped upside down just in the last few weeks. 

I can't believe this wonderful man that I've been getting to know so personally has been in my life for at least three years and we never decided to hook up.  

I ask myself why now? What made now a good time for him to finally tell me he liked me and has been liking me for awhile.  I'm just amazed.

I think I may know why.

It's because I wasn't ready.  I hadn't really figured out what I wanted until he came into my life.  I was still thinking that my last situation was going to re-materialize into what I wanted. But I couldn't see the forest through the trees of how that "situation" compares to this mature relationship. 

I completely understand how closed my mind was compared to how open it has been in this relationship.  I see all my past mistakes, all my wishes, all my could have beens, all my why did I do thats, all my why didn't I do this, challenge after challenge, misstep after misstep...and it all lead to me being the right person attracting the right man at the right time. I am thrilled to have this one man in my life. 

The one man that truly cares for me. The one man that has been fulfilling my every whim and dream before I can even think of it.  The man I'm getting to know...the man I'm going to love...the man that's going to love me back without hesitation or reservation.  The man I've seen everyday, except for one day, since we decided to hook up. 

My world was once...cloudy and grey. The dark clouds hung over my space for many a day.  It felt like any moment the rain was going to pour. As if the sun would never been seen again. The highlights that once shone was just a reflection of the real sunshine that was soon to come.  Now my days are warm sunny clear blue skies with white puffy fluffy clouds of love, hope, humor and joy..... 

I'm feeling the happiness of it all.... 


Be Free....