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Time | Dictation | It's Wild

I have two projects in the works I'm trying to complete.

It's SOMEWHAT of a MENTAL struggle trying to get them done around family, work, and my fitness schedule.

By the time I want to get to it I'm mentally drained. I figure if I want to get these things done, I need to just make the time.  However and whenever I can do it.  

Anyway, so I was doing some research last night and I discovered that my computer has speech recognition software on it...this was after I was thinking of buying the Dragon Naturally Speaking software.  My other laptop has DNS installed. Come to find out the Vista operating system already has that installed. LOL So last night I was "typing" up a storm by speaking.  I need to figure out how I can get it to work for my blog, email, Twitter, or anything else I do on my computer.  I need to get better with the commands. lol  The use of the dictation software will help me tremendously with one of my projects. So far, I found the software to be pretty accurate when dictating.  I'm pretty happy about that. 

In addition, I find it pretty wild that a couple of guys I use to date and one that says he likes me are trying to get with me. lol SAY WHAT?! Um...how bout...I'm really not interested.  I haven't even designed my man yet. HAHAHAHAHA.....

Remember to think positive thoughts. 

Love to love....


Be Free....