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Diggin' Deep

I need to decide what kind of man I want to enter into my life. I have to be specific. There are certain things I want. I think in the past I've been too general, and with these thoughts I've been getting general kind of men. 

I'll date one man and he doesn't have all the qualities I want, date another and he's void of other things I want. 

I'm going to work on this.  I need to change the way I've been thinking about relationships and what I want for me...

I need to create this man mentally.  Eventually the physical manifestation will come. But first I need to mentally dig deep and write out what this man is like.  There is a certain vision I have.  Then I need to think about it often. Just like I do with my other goals. 

It's time I redirect my thoughts. I've been thinking the wrong thoughts and it's been keeping me stuck.  

If I keep thinking that dating is hard; it will be hard. The more I think the wrong thoughts, the more despair I feel about this situation.  

So at the moment in time, I'm changing my thoughts.  No more focusing on the wrong thoughts. 

My thoughts are my reality.  I'm creating the relationship I want. 

I will build it. He will come. 


Be Free....