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Promises to Myself

I'm so happy Spring is here.  I feel the warmth in the air, the sun on my face and the pep in my step. 

Things are getting done these days.  Ever since I let FB go, I've been making things happen. Right now I'm in the process of partnering with another great writer on a few projects. He's writing a book at the moment.  While his is non-fiction, mine is fiction. (I'm writing a novel.)  I've been sticking to my goal of writing at least a 1000 words a day.  That's a lot.  But I have the time to do it because I've freed myself from other time consuming entities. 

I am going to self-publish my book.  More than likely it will be an e-book.  E-books are the wave of the future. I am working diligently to get this done.  Since I am the author AND the publisher...I've had to act as the  publisher and put the manuscript on a deadline.  Since I'm also the author, I've had to stick to my goals of getting this done.  I promised myself I'd do this and I'm going to get it done!

If I can't fulfill a promise to myself how and why do I hold them for others? 


Be Free...